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Mountain High Press Announces NO ORDINARY LIFE, an Insider’s Story

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A True Story, NO ORDINARY LIFE follows Mary through twists and Bio Photo Mary Byron Best on cardturnNO ORDINARY LIFE BOOK w Mary Ann Byron for websites as a newlywed in the U.S. Foreign Service. She and her husband, a special agent, embark on their first diplomatic assignment together in 1992 to South  Africa. Mary’s world abruptly changes.

Mary shares an inside account of marriage and diplomatic life during one of the most dangerous periods in South Africa’s modern history, leading up to the first democratic elections when Nelson Mandela is elected president.

Leaving the corporate world behind, Mary becomes the “trailing spouse” to her husband, the Special Agent. She eventually takes on an embassy job and manages self-help projects in the black townships. Not prepared for the emotional turmoil, she faces the dangerous world of espionage or its impact on her marriage.

A candid and open-hearted account, NO ORDINARY LIFE takes readers on Mary’s journey to find her identity, friendship and meaning in a foreign land.  The story unfolds not only in Cape Town, but in the wilds of Kruger Park Game Reserve, the beauty of the wine country of the Western Province, and the captivating Atlantic coastal peninsula to the tip of Cape of Good Hope. In these stunning settings, she and Patrick find each other time and again while exploring the beautiful South African countryside.

With soulful vulnerability Mary examines her sometimes bumpy marriage and the struggle to forge her new identity as a diplomatic spouse. Confronting the abuses of Apartheid, Mary searches for balance as an advocate in the country’s first nonracial election while keeping herself and her marriage safe in a country teetering on civil war.

Told through the eyes of a woman struggling to hang on to all she holds dear, the story is an uplifting portrayal of the staggering power of hope in a country’s struggle for freedom.

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Something Else About Mary:

With a multitude of global experience, Mary has cast a wide network of colleagues in which she works with to produce, execute and manage projects. Through these years of connecting and developing personal relationships, she continues to retain gratified clients, she calls family.

Experienced in Producing + Writing + Business Development + Marketing Communications + Protocol + Event Production  + Program Management + Social Media Marketing.

As a resourceful producer, travel and event professional, Mary is focused on the ultimate goal of transforming a unique vision to an end result of an unforgettable experience. From handling high-level and discreet dignitaries, executives and celebrity needs, to managing onsite logistics for TV and Film Production –  every story has a home. Shall we get started?

With a love for International travel, adventure and discovering new cultures, Mary has traveled, lived and worked in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, Italy, Malta, Greece,  Canada, Mexico, Panama, Washington, DC;  San Francisco, CA;  Minnesota, Colorado and beyond.

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